Kin Trailer Released


We are super excited to see that a new trailer has dropped for the Summit Entertainment/Lionsgate production "Kin".  The first feature film written and directed by brothers Jonathan and Josh Baker, "Kin" stars James Franco, Jack Reynor, Dennis Quaid, Zoe Kravitz, Carrie Coon and Myles Truitt.  

Chased by a vengeful criminal, the feds and a gang of otherworldly soldiers, a recently released ex-con and his adopted teenage brother are forced to go on the run with a weapon of mysterious origin as their only protection.

Led by in-house and on set VFX Supervisor Anthony Paterson, Rocket Science VFX artists produced over 140 amazing VFX shots for the finished film, many of which feature prominently in the new trailer.    "Kin" is scheduled to be in wide release on August 31, 2018.

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Into the Badlands Season 3 Premieres April 22


RSVFX is currently in production on season 3 of AMC's epic series "Into the Badlands", produced by Millar Gough Ink and Take 5 Productions.  With new adversaries to face, the stakes are even higher for Sunny, Bajie, and M.K.

"We will bring hope back to this place.” Join us or die. Don’t miss the Season 3 premiere on Sunday, April 22 at 10/9c.

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The Expanse Season 3 premieres April 11


RSVFX is hard at work expanding the horizons of Season 3 of "The Expanse".  Catch the new adventures of the crew of the Rocinante beginning April 11 on Syfy and Space. 

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2018 CSA Nominations for Alias Grace and Killjoys


We make a great co-production partner team here at RSVFX.  Both helmed by VFX Supervisor Michael Gibson and VFX Producer Danny McNair, RSVFX would like to congratulate the Rocket Scientist teams responsible for 2 CSA nominations for Best Visual Effects:

Alias Grace (CBC/Netflix)

Tom Turnbull, Geoff Marshall, Chloe Tse, Frederic St-Arnaud

Killjoys Season 3 "Wargasm"  (Syfy/Space)

Anthony Paterson, Lara Osland, Shoban Narayanan, John Coldrick, Tony Cybulski, Pranjal Choudhary

Wish Upon Released


RSVFX is excited to announce the release of the Broad Green Pictures feature film "Wish Upon", directed by John R. Leonetti.    Our team of Rocket Scientists, led by VFX Supervisor Anthony Paterson, contributed more than 100 visual effects shots to the finished film.

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Rupture Released


RSVFX is pleased to announce the North American Release of the Ambi Pictures feature film "Rupture", directed by Steven Shainberg .   Led by VFX Supervisor Tom Turnbull, Rocket Science artists delivered more than 200 visual effects shots to the feature film, including creature, environment, and action VFX.

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Rocket Science goes Into the Badlands for Season 2


Nick Frost, Ireland, and Rocket Science VFX.   Three things that are new and exciting to season 2 of AMC's "Into the Badlands", produced by Millar Gough Ink and Take 5 Productions.    Led by VFX Supervisor Tom Turnbull, RSVFX is proud to have been selected to produce the new season's nearly 2000 VFX shots over season 2's ten episodes.   

The new 2nd season commences March 19 on AMC.  The hit series has already been picked up for a 16 episode 3rd season.

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VES Nomination for the Expanse


RSVFX is proud to announce the 15th Annual Visual Effects Society Awards nomination for "The Expanse: Salvage" (Alcon/Syfy) in the category of Outstanding Visual Effects in a Photoreal Episode.   Congrats to VFX Supervisor Bob Monroe and RSVFX Supervisor Tom Turnbull, as well as the entire team of Rocket Scientists that contributed to the episode and series.

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2016 Primetime Emmy Nomination - Hannibal "Primavera"


Nominations for the 68th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards were announced this morning in Los Angeles.

Rocket Science VFX is proud to announce it's work on the ground-breaking NBC/Gaumont/De Laurentiis/Bryan Fuller production of Hannibal has been recognized by the Academy with an Emmy nomination in the category of Outstanding Special Visual Effects in a Supporting Role for the third season episode, "Primavera".  Led by Rocket Science VFX Supervisor/Producers Anthony Paterson and Robert Crowther, the nomination includes team members Thomas Plaskett, Jay Stanners, Rob Tasker, Terence Krueger, and John Coldrick.  

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Rocket Science brings Joy to the Quad for Killjoys Season 2


Rocket Science VFX is pleased to announce it has been selected as the sole VFX vendor for the Syfy / Space hit series, "Killjoys" season 2.  Produced by Temple Street Productions in Toronto, "Killjoys" chronicles the adventures of a trio of futuristic bounty hunters as they chase contracts throughout the Quad, a distant solar system of planets.   Working with VFX Supervisor / Producer Michael Gibson ("Battlestar Galactica", "Defiance"), RSVFX has been engaged to accent the 10 part series with state of the art creatures, environments and spacecraft, including the Killjoys AI-driven ship, Lucy.

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Rocket Science won't say or think The Bye Bye Man


Rocket Science VFX is excited but scared to report it has been selected by VFX Supervisor Bret Culp ("Before I Wake", "Hush") to provide creature and horror/action visual effects for the Intrepid Pictures ("Oculus") feature film, "The Bye Bye Man".   Due in theaters in December 2016, the feature film directed by Stacy Title and written by Jonathan Penner is based on the "true" events of "The Bridge to Body Island", a short story by Robert Damon Schneck.

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Rocket Science builds modern rocketry for The Expanse


Rocket Science VFX is very excited to be a key part of the VFX team bringing Alcon Entertainment's "The Expanse" to life.  The massive space opera television series, which will air on Syfy later this year, is based upon the works of science fiction author James S. A. Corey, particularly "Leviathan Wakes".

True to it's name, Rocket Science is responsible for the CG build, animation, realistic rendering, and compositing of the key spacecraft in the series, the Tachi/Rocinante, the Canterbury, Tycho Station, and the Nauvoo for hundreds of shots throughout the 10 part series.

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No bigger Fannibals for Hannibal than Rocket Science VFX


On behalf of the artists and staff of Rocket Science, the VFX Supervisor/Producer team of Robert Crowther and Anthony Paterson would like to thank Executive Producer Bryan Fuller for encouraging us to help realize his unique vision for three seasons of the ground-breaking and critically-acclaimed network television series, "Hannibal".

From the Wendigo to Tarry Alanna, and from Palermo's Norman Chapel to The Great Red Dragon, no other series project has challenged our artists to produce such creative visuals that have resonated so greatly with the series many internet-savvy Fannibals.  Through all 39 episodes, Rocket Science VFX provided the primary vfx design and supervision for the series through hundreds of shots and many man hours both on set and in the studio.

Rocket Science would also like to thank Executive Producers Martha De Laurentiis and Steve Lightfoot, and Gaumont International Television executives Carol Trussel and Tim King, as well as the entire cast and crew of Hannibal.  We hope to dine together again soon.

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Rocket Science makes it snow for Hell on Wheels Season 5


Rocket Science is excited to announce it has been selected to provide key visual effects sequences for the final fifth season of the hit AMC series, "Hell on Wheels".  A dramatization of the events leading up to the successful completion of the first transcontinental railroad across the United States, "Hell on Wheels" focuses on former confederate soldier, Cullen Bohannon.

Rocket Science contributed matte paintings, winter and mountain environments, and action sequence effects for the 14 episode fifth season.

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Rocket Science Seizes a Golden Opportunity


Rocket Science is happy to announce it has completed its move to swank new offices at 35 Golden Avenue. Built upon the floor plan of a former uniform factory, the new facility is located in the heart of the Junction at the top of Roncesvalle village, near both the subway and high speed rail to the Toronto Airport.  

The new custom-designed facility will allow Rocket Science to grow to more than 100 artists and support staff, offering our clients an even more extensive range of services and capabilities.  The massive artist space affectionately dubbed "The Barn" is one giant pillar-and-partition free space that can house all of our artists in a single cool, collaborative environment with custom screening rooms, 10 gigabit ethernet to the desk, and high speed fiber links to the world.  In winter we flood the floor and turn it into a hockey rink! 

Also housing a gourmet bakery and cafe, custom coffee house, and even a dance studio, the building at 35 Golden Ave is a modern marvel of design and technological advancement.

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Rocket Science recreates Five Points for Copper Season 2


Rocket Science VFX is proud to announce it has been selected by Toronto's Cineflix Media to help recreate New York's notoriously crooked Five Points neighborhood for BBC America's hit series, "Copper".  Set in 1865, Copper follows the struggles of Irish immigrant Kevin Corcoran seeking justice as police detective.   Led by VFX Supervisor Tom Turnbull ("Titanic", "Day of the Triffids"), RSVFX is contributing extensive matte painting, 3d environments, and action oriented effects to help recreate the rough life of new immigrants in 1865.

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Rocket Science Wins 2013 VFX BAFTA for Titanic


Rocket Science VFX is proud to announce the 2013 BAFTA award win of company president, Tom Turnbull and the studio for its work on “Titanic”, presented at the British Academy TV Craft Awards Ceremony in London.  The win for the Julian Fellowes’s penned epic miniseries "Titanic" (ITV/Shaw/ABC) represents Rocket Science VFX’s second award, having also picked up the 2010 BAFTA for “Day of the Triffids” (BBC).

Congratulations on this wonderful achievement go to the director, Jon Jones, show runner Nigel StaffordClarke, Writer Julian Fellowes, executive producers Julia Sereny and Jennifer Kawaja of Sienna Films, executive producer Simon Vaughan of Lookout Point, producer Chris Thompson, and post supervisor  Lynda McKenzie.

Tom Turnbull, in his role as overall VFX supervisor of the miniseries supported director Jon Jones in his creative vision and the executive team throughout the filming of this incredible production. Tom later oversaw the close to 500 VFX shots completed in Toronto and Hungary in Post Production.

“Fortunately, thanks to Sienna Films. We had one of Canada’s top VFX supervisors, Tom Turnbull, a BAFTA winner for Day of the Triffids. Tom was with us throughout the shoot, and oversaw the immensely complex and demanding process“, reflected show runner and esteemed UK executive producer, Nigel Stafford-Clarke.

The dedicated artists of the creative team at Rocket Science VFX delivered 289 shots in all, including a fully CGI sequence of the iconic scene of Titanic colliding with the fatal iceberg, elaborate set extensions and environments of the ship, water, decks, and lifeboats, digital doubles, cgi water and smoke.  The physical set of Titanic was immense at 2 ½ stories tall, over 150 feet long and filled the Budapest film studio. The actual vessel, however, was so vast that the set only represented less than 5% of the ship, leaving Rocket Science VFX to recreate and fill out most of the ship's imagery.

"Tom and I are incredibly grateful for the fantastic work of our talented team of artists and support staff to be honoured with this BAFTA win. This award reflects the company's reputation for expertise in VFX supervision and management of the creative and operational challenges of international coproductions to produce compelling award winning imagery worthy of international recognition”, says Rocket Science VFX general manager Anthony Paterson.

The other visual effects companies and their artists honoured for their dedicated work on Titanic include Spin VFX (65 shots), Digital Apes VFX (64 shots) and Vertigo Digital VFX (55 shots).

Rocket Science VFX is currently contributing its artistry to the highly anticipated "The Mortal Instruments" (Sony/Constantin Films), Atom Egoyan’s "Devil's Knot" and "Queen of the Night", "The Right Kind of Wrong" (eOne/Serendipity), Bryan Fuller’s "Hannibal" (NBC), "Copper" (BBC), "Hell on Wheels" (AMC),  "Murdoch Mysteries" (Shaftesbury/CBC), and "Hemlock Grove" (Netflix).

A full list of the BAFTA TV CRAFT winners can be found at:

Ariel Joson, April 25, 1967 to April 2, 2013


On behalf of his friends at Rocket Science VFX, we were shocked and profoundly saddened to learn of the sudden passing of our dear friend and colleague, Ariel Joson, on April 2nd, 2013.

Ariel was on a well deserved holiday with his family and friends in the Philippines. He had a passion for all things technological - 3D animation, computers, and especially photography.  One of the items on his “bucket list” was to complete a photo shoot of the beauty of Mt. Pinatubo.  He had completed the shoot with his friends when he passed away from natural causes.

Ariel was the Lead Technical Director for Rocket Science VFX, and a well-known and well-respected friend to many in the VFX community.  Ariel began his career at Nerve FX, continued with its principals through its subsequent acquisition by Alliance Atlantis’ Calibre Digital Pictures, and was a fixture at Rocket Science VFX from the very beginning.

Over the years, his name and talent has figured prominently in the work and many awards and nominations of the team at Rocket Science VFX.  At last count it numbered more than 50 feature and television productions. Recently, he was a part of the “Titanic” team nominated for a BAFTA TV CRAFT Award and Canadian Screen Award, and had just finished contributions to NBC's "Hannibal" and a major upcoming feature film.  Almost every shot that leaves our studio has been touched by his hand in some important way.

Ariel had the ideal natural personality for a Technical Director.  Always helpful to any artist with a problem to solve, and willing to share advice, research and find a solution, and then document it to share with everyone.   He did so without motive or expectation.  It was just his way.

As our president Tom Turnbull reflected on Ariel to staff, “I hope you remember Ariel as an example of the best we can be.”

Ariel is survived by his beloved mother, and his 6 brothers and sisters, and many nieces and nephews, upon whom he doted. A funeral will be held for Ariel on Tuesday, April 9th, 2013 in the Philippines for his family and friends from Canada attending there.

Ariel will be greatly missed by everyone here at Rocket Science VFX.

Rocket Science VFX will be hosting a get together in his memory in the coming weeks, please email Catherine Andrews at if you would like to attend.

Tom Turnbull and Rocket Science VFX deliver seamless visual effects for Julian Fellowes historic miniseries ``TITANIC"


BAFTA award-winning Tom Turnbull, president and co-founder of Rocket Science VFX, recently completed visual effects supervision of Julian Fellowes (Downton Abbey) penned “TITANIC”.  "Titanic” a 11 million pound sterling international coproduction (between Canada, England, and Hungary) was a huge undertaking befitting a miniseries bringing to screen an unprecedented historic tragedy, that 100 years on this April 15th continues to captivate the world.  The four part miniseries has enjoyed great success in sales and has already been sold in 80 countries worldwide.

For 12 weeks last summer, Tom supervised the Titanic shoot as it was filmed in Hungary with meticulously crafted sets and a giant custom built water tank. Tom delivered a customized vfx project management solution to the series producers that included extensive previsualization, and photo real effects for Belfast, Southampton, the iceberg, set extensions and, of course, a fully CGI Titanic. Tom led the post production efforts in Toronto of the creative team at Rocket Science VFX (289 shots), SpinPro (65 shots) as well as Digital Apes VFX (64 shots) and Vertigo Digital Effects (55 shots) in Budapest. Tom has completed many high end mini-series visual effects projects for clients, including ``The Nativity``(BBC),``Day of the Triffids``(BBC), and Haven(CBS).  Rocket Science VFX completed deliverables of 289 shots of photo-real set extensions, water set extensions and a cgi created iceberg sequence in a compressed timeline of 15 weeks

Titanic broadcasts in Canada on Shaw Media over four nights (Wednesday March 21,28, April 4, April 11), in the United Kingdom on ITV (Sunday March 25, April 1,8,15) and the United States on ABC (Saturday April 14 and Sunday April 15)

For Further Information please contact: Catherine Andrews at (416) 364 5678 or

Rocket Science VFX is a BAFTA award-winning and Emmy nominated visual effects company founded in 2002 and based in Toronto, ON. The company provides high end visual effects, customized project collaboration and visual effects supervision for film and television. Notable clients include Warner Brothers Television, Disney, CBC, CTV, ABC, Discovery Channel, Sony Pictures, BBC, and ITV. Recently completed projects include Titanic, Sunshine Sketches in a Little Town, A Dolphin Tale, Saw 3D, and Resident Evil –Afterlife 3D.

Rocket Science VFX shines on CBC’s Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town


VFX Supervisor Anthony Paterson and the creative team at RSVFX, in collaboration with acclaimed Production Designer Stephen Roloff, designed and produced the VFX for CBC’s $6 million tv movie adaption of Stephen Leacock's beloved comedic collection "Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town".

It was important to the shows creators that the VFX give the period film a modern but magical feel to the story of the return to the archetype of all the small towns in Canada and RSVFX delivered.

The movie opens with a fanciful but photo-real storybook-style town unfolding in 3D,complete with a hotel, lake, and a 3D steam ship that lands onscreen with a splash. The RSVFX team made extensive use of photogrammetry techniques to reproduce each main street building in exact detail. One professional reviewer called it "one of the most inspired computer-generated sequences you'll ever see in a movie ".

Rocket Science VFX was responsible for more than 70 shots for the period film including the sinking of the Miraposa Belle, a music video, and an elaborate frozen time sequence, in addition to the town unfolding sequence.  "Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town" is the successful completion of another project that demonstrates RSVFX proven track record of providing creative artistic solutions specifically tailored to production needs on time and on budget.

"Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town" premiered Sunday February 12, 2012 on CBC.  For further information, contact Catherine Andrews at 416-364-5678 or

2012 Genie Awards Nomination - Edwin Boyd


The 32nd Annual Genie Awards were announced today by the Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television.  Rocket Science is pleased to announce that its team has been recognized with a nomination for Achievement in Visual Effects for the remarkable film Edwin Boyd.  The film was nominated for a total of 5 Genie awards after picking up the award for Best Canadian First Feature Film at the Toronto International Film Festival.  2012 marks the introduction of the VFX category to the Genie Awards and the Rocket Science team is proud to be a part of it.  Nominees include Tom Turnbull, Robert Crowther, Ian Britton and Tony Cybulski.  Winners will be announced March 8, 2012.

New HTML5 Website


Rocket Science VFX is proud to announce the launch of our new HTML5 Ipad and Android friendly website! This new website uses the latest web video technologies and is best viewed on a modern browser like Google Chrome, Ipad Safari, Firefox 4, or Internet Explorer 9.

Check out our latest news, reels, and feature articles at lightspeed!

2010 BAFTA Win - Day of the Triffids


The BBC One/Power Pictures production of The Day of the Triffids has won the 2010 British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) award in the Best Visual Effects Category. Rocket Science VFX congratulates company president Tom Turnbull on this award and recognizes the hard work of our entire production team, including VFX Producer Tavia Charlton, 2d Lead Ian Britton, 3D Technical Lead Ariel Joson, and the rest of our kick ass Matte Painting, Compositing, and 3D Team. This year's award recipients were announced Sunday, May 23rd, 2010.

2009 Primetime Emmy Nomination - Fringe


The Fox Television production of Fringe has been nominated for a 61st Primetime Emmy award for Outstanding Special Effects for a Series. Rocket Science VFX congratulates company president Tom Turnbull on this nomination and recognizes the hard work of our entire production team, including VFX Producer Anthony Paterson, 2d Lead Ian Britton, 3D Technical Lead Ariel Joson, and the rest of our kick ass Matte Painting, Compositing, and 3D Team.

2009 Gemini Nomination - Everest


Tom Turnbull , Ian Britton , Jeramie Chen , Robert Crowther , Graham Cunningham , Matthew Hansen , Ariel Joson , Andrew Nguyen , Joel Skeete , John Watson - Everest. Nominations for the 24th Gemini Awards were announced this morning. Please join me in celebrating the achievements of our staff with the nomination of the CBC/Screen Door Production of Everest for Best Visual Effects. With 7 nominations this year, the field is crowded, but Everest is sure to be a front-runner!

2008 Gemini Nomination - Murdoch Mysteries


Rocket Science VFX is pleased to annouce the nomination of "Murdoch Myteries" for a Best Visual Effects Gemini Award. Nominees: Megumi Kanazawa, Robert Crowther, Hojin Park, Thomas Turnbull, Andrew Nguyen, David Lamb, Matthew Hansen, Ian Britton

2007 Primetime Emmy Nomination - The Path to 9/11


Rocket Science VFX is proud to announce it's Primetime Emmy Nomination for Outstanding Special Visual Effects for a Miniseries, Movie or a Special for ABC's "The Path to 9/11". Anthony Paterson - Visual Effects Supervisor, Tom Turnbull - Visual Effects Supervisor, Robert Crowther - Visual Effects Producer, Ian Britton - Lead Visual Effects Compositor, Tavia Charlton - Visual Effects Coordinator, Joel Skeete - Lead Visual Effects Compositor, Graham Cunningham - Lead CGI Artist, Andrew Nguyen - Lead Matte Artist, Kristijan Danilovski - CGI Supervisor

2006 Gemini Award - Terry


The CTV production of "Terry" has won the coveted Gemini award for Best Visual Effects. Rocket Science congratulates it's award-winning team including company president Tom Turnbull, Graham Cunningham, Robert Crowther, Ariel Joson, Matthew Hansen, Mary Holding, and lead compositor Ian Britton.

2004 Gemini Win - Shattered City: The Halifax Explosion


Rocket Science is proud to congratulate its Gemini award winning team for CBC's "Shattered City: The Halifax Explosion". Don Urquhart, Claude Theriault, Colin Cunningham, Tom Turnbull